3Dflow World Cup

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With 3DF Zephyr you can create wonderful 3D models from photos.
Join the 3Dflow World Cup photogrammetry contest: the best reconstructed 3D models will win fantastic prizes!


1st Place


Canon EOS R8 (Grand Prize)

12 months of 3DF Zephyr

12 months of Nira Business

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4th place to 8th place will get 3 months of Nira Core and 3 months of 3DF Zephyr.

sponsors & partners

3Dflow is sponsoring the 3Dflow World Cup 2023 competition with 3DF Zephyr licenses
Canon is our Technical Partner for the World Cup 2023:
The grand prize includes one EOS R8 camera!
Nira is sponsoring the 3Dflow World Cup 2023 competition with Nira subscriptions

3Dflow World Cup 2023 schedule

3Dflow world cup announcement - 10.07.23

15.07.23 - 31.08.23 - Round 1 submissions

15.09.23 - 30.09.23 - Finalist submissions

The contest has ended! Thank you all for your enthusiasm and for playing!

Questions about the contest? Join our Discord,Forum or 3Dflow academy facebook group! All questions are welcome!

Selected showcase entries

Contest judges

Franco Palleni

Business Dev. Manager

Canon Italia S.p.A.

Gabriele Simonetta

3D Artist & Professor


Arash Keissami

Cofounder & CEO


Federica Murana

Sales executive


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to buy 3DF Zephyr to enter?

No. You can use 3DF Zephyr free, download the freely available 3DF Zephyr Lite trial or you can request a free trial for 3DF Zephyr. If you have doubts or questions, feel free to ask us :)

How do I register/submit entries?

During the contest, you will simply need to login using your 3Dflow account - create your 3D model, upload it to Nira and then submit your entries (the nira.app link of your model) from this link after logging in with your 3Dflow account. If you have any question anytime, remember you can ask us directly over Discord,Forum or 3Dflow academy facebook group.

Do I need a Nira paid account to submit?

Nira is free to use to play the 3Dflow world cup! Click here to get a free Nira account for the World Cup.

Is this contest animal themed?

No, it's just all in good fun :) there is no theme, so feel free to scan and submit your favourite subject!

So why did you call it 3Dflow World Cup? What about these animals?

It is all just for fun :) It all started when Italy did not qualify for the World Cup back in 2018 and we kept the tradition for the first four edition of the contest. We kept the groups and contest rules though, and the animals are added flavor for fun - be creative with it! That said, the contest is not themed and you can reconstruct your favourite subject. It's just a fun way to drive the contest appearance.

How do I pick my team?

The selection of available adjective and animals will be available at the moment of signup (which will require your first submission). Go make your 3D model before someone else gets your favourite animal!

Can everyone get the first prize shipped to them?
Unfortunately, due to the current geopolitical situation, not everyone is eligible to get the first prize. 3Dflow is based in Italy, and as a EU member, there are restriction on the countries we can ship to. If you live in Russia or Belarus, you can still play for fun/bragging rights, but you may not be eligible to receive the prizes.

I am under 18 years old of age, can I enter?

Unfortunately no, as we will need your address in case you win, in order to ship you the prize. But, you can ask your parents to sign up and submit the scan at their name, if they are fine with it :)

Sweet! But what if I win something I already own, can I get something else?

Unfortunately no, we want the contest to be the same for everyone. But if you win, you can choose to gift your prize to some other contestant if you wish!

3Dflow world cup contest rules

1. Sign up conditions and privacy

You must be 18 or older to be eligible for participation. You will be asked for your personal information (including email, name and surname) for the contest phase. In case you are chosen as a winner, you will be asked to share your personal information for the purpose of sending you the prize. Your information will be shared to third parties only for the purpose of shipping the prizes to you in case you are chosen as a winner.

2. Participation conditions

By signing up, you will be randomly matched with other contestants in a certain number of pools. Winner of the first rounds will advance to the final round where the winners will be picked.

You agree that by signing up and by purposely submitting invalid entries, 3Dflow may reject your application to future contests and/or disqualify you from the contest.

You may submit more than one entry for each phase in which you are participating, according to additional rules that may be announced via email.

You declare that you own all rights for the photos and the 3D reconstructions you will submit to the contest.

You agree that your submission (included, but not limited to the final model, the photos, or other components) may be used by 3Dflow for marketing purposes.

3. Submission
  • Submissions of entries must be made with 3DF Zephyr (any version) within the time limit that will be announced for every round
  • Post processing in third party software is limited only to leverage the specific features of 3DF Zephyr. This means you won't be able to decimate, clean or alter the resulting geometry in third party software, however, you can use third party software for UV-mapping or to assemble a model using the normal map and displacement maps generated by Zephyr. Of course all in-zephyr tools (cleaning, decimation, etc) can be used as much as you need.
  • Similarly, post processing the texture is not allowed (e.g. using photoshop). You can change the UV map topology (using e.g. blender, then use the Zephyr feature to regenerate the texture with custom UVs) but you cannot change the texture in third party software, although usage of ArtEngine via the 3DF Zephyr plugin is allowed.
  • Use of Laser Scanners is allowed - judges will ensure a fair evaluation keeping in mind not everyone has access to such devices.
  • Submissions of entries must be made according to specific rules that may be announced for every round
  • Submissions of entries must be made with new, original datasets (images, videos, or scans) that you have taken yourself in the time frame from 01.07.23 and processed with 3DF Zephyr 7.x - yes, you can submit models you have published on Nira before the 3Dflow world cup announcement!
  • Submissions of entries must be made with photos. Synthetic images (e.g. screenshot from games) are not allowed.
  • Submissions of entries must be set as public on Nira.
  • Submissions of entries must be made of 3D models that have not been submitted to any other contests.
  • Submissions of entries must be made by uploading them to nira.app (you will be given a free account in order to submit your worldcup entries) and submitting the Nira URL to https://worldcup.3dflow.net by logging with a valid 3Dflow account. All submitted models must be set as "public" so that anyone see the 3D models.

3.1 Submissions - Round rules
  • Round 1 - You can reconstruct anything you like (no theme). Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Finals - You can reconstruct anything you like (no theme). Multiple submissions are allowed.

4. Advancing conditions

Your entry will be judged by the appointed judges listed in this website. The entries will be judged according to quality and originality. The judges' decision is final.

5. Prizes

If by chance the prize is no longer available at the end of the contest, 3Dflow SRL reserves the right to change the prize to a similar object of the same type and price range. If this happens you will also have a say in the replacement chosen.

The price will be shipped to the address that you will specify and that must match your name. No PO-boxes will be accepted as destination addresses.

Winners will be contacted privately at their registration email address. Winners have 30 days to claim their prize by replying to that email.


The 3Dflow World Cup 2023 Competition (the "Contest") is designed to encourage eligible people to use their creativity to create their own contest-themed 3D reconstruction. Judges will choose the winning entries, and prizes will be awarded in accordance with these Official Rules (these "Rules").

BINDING AGREEMENT: In order to enter the Contest, you must agree to the Rules. Therefore, please read these Rules prior to entry to ensure you understand and agree. You agree that submission of an entry in the Contest constitutes agreement to these Rules. You may not submit an entry to the Contest and are not eligible to receive the prizes described in these Rules unless you agree to these Rules. These Rules form a binding legal agreement between you and 3DFlow SRL with respect to the Contest.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to enter the Contest, an Entrant must adhere to the rules and be the original creator of the posted content. Contest is void where prohibited by law. Employees, interns, contractors, and official office-holders of 3DFlow SRL ("Contest Entities"), and members of the Contest Entities' and their immediate families (parents, siblings, children, spouses, and life partners of each, regardless of where they live) and members of the households (whether related or not) of such employees, officers and directors can take part in the contest although they will not advance to the final round and thus, will not win any prize. There is a limitation to one prize per person.

SHIPMENT ELIGIBILITY: Shipment of the grand prize and/or other prizes may not be possible in certian countries depending by law and the current geopolitical situation. Players from Russia and Belarus are not eligible for the grand prize shipment.

CONTEST PERIOD: The Contest period is subject to change. All contestants are responsible of following how the contest proceeds via this website.

HOW TO ENTER: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. To enter the Contest, you must agree to these rules and fill the form in this page ("Contest Site"). Your signup entry must be validated by a 3Dflow employee. You will be requested to download and use 3DF Zephyr to reconstruct a subject of your choosing according to the contest rules. Submissions must be uploaded directly from 3DF Zephyr to Nira with no post processing (only custom UVs in external software with zephyr-reimport or other minor changes to leverage Zephyr's features are allowed. Nira viewer customizations and post processing are allowed).

JUDGING: Each entry will be evaluated and scored based on the following "Criteria": (i) artistic and technical skills (ii) creativity and originality - (iii) adherence to the Contest Requirements and these Rules.

VERIFICATION: 3Dflow will require the winners to share their .zep files and/or photos in order to confirm the adherence to the contest requirements and rules.

PRIZES: The first place will win one (1) Canon EOS R8 camera. Tie(s) will be judged by 3Dflow SRL staff. 1st place will also be awarded time limited, non transferable, 12 months license for 3DF Zephyr, 12 months Nira Business license. 2nd place will be awarded a time limited, non transferable, 12 months license for 3DF Zephyr and a 12 months Nira Core license. 3rd place will be awarded a time limited, non transferable, 6 months license for 3DF Zephyr and a 6 months Nira Corelicense. 4th to 8th place will be awarded a non transferable, 3 months license of 3DF Zephyr and a 3 months of Nira Core license. Additional prizes are listed on the homepage.